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3780 Gstaad - Switzerland

Swiss Gold Token advantages

CHF denominated

Swiss Gold Token is denominated in Swiss Francs, among the most stable and reliable currencies for value preservation

Physical gold

Swiss Gold Token is backed by physical gold stored in Switzerland in first class Institutions.

100% Insured

Swiss Gold Token is insured with Lloyd's of London with an All Risk policy


The privacy of the investors is guaranteed by Swiss law

Low fees

Among the lowest transaction fees for physical gold.

No hidden costs

Costs are clear and easy to evaluate, no hidden costs or extra fees

No other currency is secure in this way. This is the safest currency in the world.

The safest crypto currency because :

Gold has always been the store of value over the centuries, and has historically always increased its value.

Gold ownership is rigidly regulated and requires the owner to store it safely.

Swiss Gold Token is an innovative blackchain-based tool that allows the ownership of physical gold, stored in the safest institutions in Switzerland.

The Token itself is insured with the Lloyd’s of London for 100% of its value with an All Risk Policy.

The Privacy is insured by the Swiss Law, and Swiss Gold Token is denominated in Swiss Francs, historically one of the preferred currencies for value preservation.

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